What exactly does the User Group have to offer you?

Of all the benefits NAVUG has to offer, the fulfillment of giving back to the community is one of the most beneficial. Read on to learn the unexpected benefits of volunteering for NAVUG from Member Andrea Hall. "I continue to volunteer because, One: It's so important to the work that I do. And Two: Honestly, because it's so much fun." -Andrea Hall, Stonewall Kitchen

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Interested in learning more about the benefits of a membership? NAVUG is an important information source for all users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Coupled with the support provided, you will experience success by getting involved with NAVUG. The community offers educational opportunities that fit your schedule, in-person events, and networking opportunities virtually and regionally. 

The cost-effective organizational membership allows all Microsoft Dynamics NAV users in your organization to get involved and experience the value of a community powered by users for users.